Voicing Abstraction / Wave #8 SOUND March 2023

El tiempo ritmo

Miguel Buenrostro

El tiempo ritmo is a musical lecture, a performance circulating around notions of non-linear time. The presentation was part of Cosmoaudiciones, an artistic project by Miguel Buenrostro with the participation of Laura Robles, Trigo Santana, Fabiano Luna, Robby Geerken, Tom Kessler and Banda Hodi.

Musicians from several diasporas related to the Atlantic Ocean were invited to reflect on the movement of migration through musical improvisation. El tiempo ritmo is a crossover of musical entities that exist in complementarity, hosting each other in rhythm. The performance touches on questions of time and timelessness, rhythm and the rhythmless. Through improvisation with materials from the Berlin Phonogramm Archiv, the performers hope to restore notions of time that exist through musical memory. They also raise several questions:

How can we restore time from the extracted worlds of meaning? How can we ‘sound’ the archive with dignity? How can we re-socialize that which remains in absence from the archive? And how can listening practices move us towards re-futuring musical worlds?


1. Performing: Archive Oberem Japan / Ecuador / 1955 / Berlin Phonogramm Archiv
Oriental world conducted by Tom Kessler

2. Performing: Archive Susana Weich-Shahak / Zwischen Amazonas und OrinokoPeru / 1978 / Berlin Phonogramm Archiv / Museum für Völkerkunde, Archiv der musikethnologischen AbteilungAndes region conducted by Laura Robles

3. Performing: Archive Helmut SchmiechenEcuador 1982 / Berlin Phonogramm Archiv From the Andes to the Caribbean, conducted by Robby Geerken

4. Performing: Archive Regine Allgayer-KaufmannBrasil / 1982 / Berlin Phonogramm ArchivLa Rue, conducted by Fabiano Lima Rio do Mirizá / Banzeiro grande / Autor Humberto MaracanãConducted / Interpreted by Trigo Santana

5. Performing: Music of MozambiqueSpecial appearance by Smile Trio from Hodi Maputo Afro SwingImprovisation with Elias Manhiça, Eugénio Joaquim Macuve, Augusto Manhiça, Laura Robles, Robby Geerken, Tom Kessler, Trigo Santana, Miguel Buenrostro, Fabiano Lima.

El tiempo ritmo was presented at Errand Sound, Berlin on October 22nd, 2022
Hosted by Brandon LaBelle
More about the project: www.cosmoaudiciones.org

Filmed by Edoardo Herroz
Sound by Carlos Flores

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